Doctorate Degree in Medicine – Biomedicine

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The Graduate Program in Medicine and Biomedicine at the Education and Research (EP) of Santa Casa BH was accredited by the Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (CAPES), a Federal Government Foundation responsible for the supervision and evaluation of graduate programs leading to Master’s and Doctor’s degrees in Brazil.

Experienced scientists are involved in the administration of research and teaching activities. The Education and Research is equipped with modern laboratories and it is associated with the largest hospital of Minas Gerais State (with more than one thousand beds) and with an outpatient clinic (Centro de Especialidades Médicas) administered by the Santa Casa BH. The association between basic and clinical research allows the planning and execution of high quality translational scientific research.

The course is suitable for graduates who aspire to an academic career or to become researchers, as well as for training scientists to attain a deeper understanding of a specialized field of knowledge.

Area of activity
Preparation of professionals for a career in academia and/or as a scientific researcher.

Target audience
Professionals with training in health, biology and related fields.

450 class hours (30 credits)

48 months

48 installments of R$ 2.682,80

* Ask the IEP team about the possibility and availability of scholarships.

Dr. José Augusto Nogueira Machado


– Lines of Research

– Teaching staff

– Course Subjects



Step 1: The candidate must choose one of the lines of work and contact the secretarial office of the Education and Research Institut at Santa Casa BH to schedule an interview with the supervisor.

Step 2: Register online at and pay the registration fee.

Step 3: Submit the documents below:

• Research project and acceptance letter from the supervisor
• Copy of the Master Dissertation together with proof of completion: certified copy of the diploma or declaration (accompanied by the academic record) recognized by an institution accredited by the Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior/Ministério da Educação (CAPES/MEC).
• Copy of an article derived from the Master Dissertation submitted, accepted or published in a specialized journal together with supporting evidence.
• Curriculum Vitae (CV) – Lattes Platform
• Descriptive outline of the project

Step 4: Wait for the assessment of the project reviewer appointed by the Committee of Didactic Coordination according to pre-established norms. If necessary, adapt the project according to the suggestions of the reviewer and resubmit to the Committee coordinator.

Step 5: Make an appointment for the submission of the research project. It is the responsibility of the Committee of Didactic Coordination to set up an evaluation board to examine the candidate’s knowledge relating to the Master Dissertation. The board may, at its discretion, require additional evidence of such knowledge.

Step 6: After obtaining final approval, the candidate will be able to enroll in the Doctorate Degree course by downloading the forms below and completing them with the supervisor.

• Summary of proposed research project

• Acceptance letter

Important note: The registration fee will not be refunded in the case of withdrawal by the candidate. If the candidate does not continue the enrollment process within 30 days of confirmation of registration, the candidate’s records will be automatically rejected.


Manual for the standardization of academic and scientific works
[ Manual for the standardization of academic and scientific works ] – PDF file

Student manual
[ Student manual ] – PDF file


The CAPES Journal Gateway offers access to full texts of selected articles from thousands of national and international journals. Click on the link below for access:


Phone: + 55 (31) 3238 8838 / 3238 8674 / 3238 8869

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