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Professional Master’s Degree in Diabetes Education

The Education and Research Institute (IEP) at Santa Casa BH was granted recognition of the Professional Master’s Degree in Diabetes Education by the Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior/Ministério da Educação (CAPES / MEC) in October 2011 with a score of 3 (maximum score: 5). This Master’s Degree is the first in the country to be dedicated to this important issue and its main objective is to train health professionals as “Diabetes Educators”.

The Professional Master’s Degree in Diabetes Education is linked to the Clinic of Endocrinology at Santa Casa BH, where the practical classes are held. The clinic incorporates outpatient sectors encompassing type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, post-transplant diabetes and diabetic foot, and the patients receive assistance from an interdisciplinary team whose focus is diabetes education. Moreover, the clinic offers medical residency and specialization programs.

The Professional Master’s Degree prioritizes aspects relating to the labor market and, therefore, adopts a practical approach based on daily experiences. One of the pillars of this post-graduate strategy is to encourage students to use their own experiences acquired in the workplace as a means of upgrading their qualifications.

Area of activity

The Diabetic Educator is a health professional, with academic training and appropriate specialization, capable of assisting and educating diabetic patients and their family members in daily care and in attaining adequate glycemic control. Such assistance engenders a reduction in chronic complications of the disease and minimizes the consequent economic costs resulting from hospitalization and from temporary or permanent withdrawal from work because of physical incapacity.

Target audience

Health professionals, including nutritionists, nurses, psychologists, physical educators, physiotherapists, pharmacists and doctors, seeking to expand their knowledge and practical skills in their field of work.


315 class hours: theoretical-practical (21 credits)
45 class hours: practicals

24 months

Dr. Janice Sepúlveda Reis


– Lines of Work 
– Teaching staff
– Course Subjects


Santa Casa BH pioneered the training of professionals in diabetes education and has recently taken a further important step to expand the scope of this service. In July 2016, the activities of the Reference Center for Diabetes in Schools (CRDE) were officially launched and have been incorporated as an integral part of the Diabetes Center of Santa Casa BH.

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Step 1: Enroll and pay the application fee using the link above.
Step 2: The candidate will be notified of the date of the selection exam, which will be  held at the Education and Research Institute (IEP) of Santa Casa de Belo Horizonte. Wait for contact from IEP regarding the date of interview with a supervisor.
Step 3: The candidate must write a summary of the research project with the help of one of the researchers of the post-graduation program, and must obtain a letter of acceptance by the supervisor. In the absence of a project summary and an acceptance letter, the selection process cannot be completed.

Selection to the Professional Master’s Degree course will involve the following phases:
On the day of the English language test, the date of which will be communicated by e-mail, the candidate must present the documents listed below in an envelope clearly labeled with the candidate’s full name and intended course:

  1. A printed updated copy of the candidate’s CV, preferably from the Lattes Platform.
  2. Proof of payment of the application fee.
  3. Letter of acceptance (signed by the supervisor/coordinator).
  4. Research project summary form (signed by the supervisor/coordinator).
  5. A certified copy of a certificate of proficiency in English (if available). A certificate of proficiency exempts the candidate from taking the English language test.

English tests will be held at the Education and Research Institute (IEP) at Santa Casa BH (Rua Domingos Vieira 590, Santa Efigênia, Belo Horizonte, MG) and will last two hours. The candidate may use a dictionary during the exam. The candidate must attain a minimum score of 60% in order to be approved for the second phase. The English test is eliminatory and the result, along with the date of the second phase interview (if applicable), will be communicated by e-mail.

The final result will be communicated by email within a maximum of seven working days.
Download the forms below and complete them with the supervisor:


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